Welcome to Guoqing Wang (王国庆)'s homepage!

Welcome to my personal site!

Born in Shanxi Province, in the middle area of China, I finished my high school at the Affiliated High School of Shanxi University in 2014. During the same year, I went to Peking University and got my Bachelor's degree in physics in 2018 with an honor of outstanding graduate in Beijing City. In 2018, I came to Boston area to pursue my graduate study in the field of quantum physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

During my Ph.D., I worked on quantum applications of spin defects in diamond. My research interests lie in both theoretical and experimental efforts to develop and engineer original approaches for quantum sensing, quantum simulation, quantum computation and quantum communication. In June of 2023, I got my Ph.D. degree in Quantum Science and Engineering.

Since June of 2023, I stay at MIT to work as a postdoc associate in MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms and Research Laboratory of Electronics. My research focuses on cavity QED and Rydberg atom quantum simulation and computation. Together with my colleagues, I built a new-generation atom array platform coupled to a novel high-cooperativity optical cavity.

You can learn more about my research by exploring this website or contact me directly!